Admission and Scholarships



If you are attracted by the nursing profession and want to study alternating theoretical and practical courses; if you want a personalised supervision and individual pedagogical follow-up, then we advise you to study at our institution.

The ISSI offers you an ideal training framework to succeed in your studies and gives you every opportunity to enter the professional world with sufficient training.

We are an institution of prestige and quality. For this reason, most hospitals and health centres in the DRC are looking for ISSI graduates to work in their institutions.



The conditions for registration with the ISSI are as follows:

    Pass the entrance exam that takes place every year on the first Tuesday in August, which consists of the following subjects: writing, psycho-technical test, general culture and current affairs.

    To enter the competition, you must:
    o Have passed the state exams or be an A2 nurse.
    o Registration fee paid: US$ 20 (non-refundable)
    o They have submitted the following documents: photocopy of identity card, 2 passport photos, photocopies of report cards of the last three years of humanities, certificate of school attendance, photocopy of the state diploma.

If you are interested in pre-registering online, please fill in the form below: PINCHA AQUÍ

IN: Year 6 students will be enrolled in reserve pending the results of the State Diploma.



Aware of the socio-economic situation in the DRC, and in order to promote the nursing profession, the ISSI awards scholarships with the help of its local and international partners, as well as study credits. The Student Aid Office manages the awarding of these scholarships and credits according to well-defined criteria and regularly informs the sponsors of the students' progress.

To apply for a scholarship, please contact the ISSI Student Support Office.



If you are interested in visiting the ISSI, you can come with your family to the open day. To participate in this day, please register by filling in the following form: CLICK HERE