Degree in Nursing Science



The nurse graduating from the Bachelor's programme at ISSI is a professional qualified to: assess the health status of an individual, family or community and analyse situations; design and define personalised care projects; plan, provide and evaluate care; implement interventions, care plans and treatments.


The nurse graduating from the Bachelor's programme at ISSI will be able to mobilise the following skills as required.

Transversal competences

1. To treat all professional and disciplinary activities with scientific rigour and creativity.

2. Act with humanism

3. Communicate effectively in interpersonal relationships, in groups, in writing

4. Act with professionalism

5. Assert responsibility and leadership in one's practice environment regardless of the context (socio-health, cultural, economic and political) in order to foster healthy communities (public health, safety, prevention, promotion).

6. Apply human and material resource management techniques in his or her professional practice

7. Intervening by combining its action with that of individuals, families and other members of the interdisciplinary team in all health situations, including end-of-life situations.

Disciplinary competences
8. Designing and conducting a nursing care project

9. Accompany individuals, families and communities in their health experiences.