First Cycle


The undergraduate programme (Bachelor's degree: 4 years), aims to train multi-skilled Nurses and Midwives capable of responding to the health needs of an individual or a population, by providing humanised care of a promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative nature. It provides for alternating theoretical training, training in practice laboratories and clinical experience in targeted training areas.


The teaching team aims to be a guide in supporting the future professional so that he or she is autonomous, responsible and capable of evolving. The pedagogical follow-up is a means for the teacher and the student to evaluate the student's progress in relation to the objectives of his or her professional project.


In recent years, the DRC has modernised its university system to facilitate the international mobility of students by applying the three main principles of the European framework:

1.- The LMD system in three cycles: Bachelor / Master / Doctorate

2.- A "Credit Transfer System (CTS)", a credit corresponding to the amount of work the student must provide to validate a course. These units can be capitalised and transferred.

3.- An organization in semesters and in Teaching Units (EU).


The nurse graduating from the Bachelor's programme at ISSI is a professional qualified to assess the health status of an individual, family or community and to analyse situations; to design and define personalised care projects; to plan, provide and evaluate care; to implement interventions, care plans and treatments.