To train competent nurses to provide quality care to the population.

Contribute to the continuous training of health personnel, in particular those working in the field of mother and child health.

To contribute to the development of the nursing profession and the social revaluation of nurses in the DRC.

The ISSI is called upon to collaborate, within the framework of CECFOR initiatives and in priority partnership with CHME Monkole and CEFA, by making qualified nursing staff available to the health services through basic training at undergraduate level, training of academic cadres and professionals, Nurses and Midwives, at postgraduate level, and on-the-job training.


In line with CECFOR's vision, ISSI aims to propose sustainable solutions for the development of human resources for health, in particular nurses, in accordance with the changing needs of the population and the health system in the DRC.


The main value at the heart of ISSI's mission is its humanistic approach that advocates respect for the rights and dignity of the person. This value is operationalised at the levels of training and care provision, because for ISSI graduates, the person is at the centre of their care and services.
Thus, the main values are realised as follows:

    - Respect for human life at all stages and in all situations.
    - Respect for freedom and its corollary, responsibility.
    - Moral integrity and intellectual and scientific honesty.
    - Collaboration, solidarity and empathy in interpersonal relations.
    - A job well done and done in a spirit of service.