Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall implement the decisions of the Council of the Institute, ensure the day-to-day management of the Institute and take all measures which do not fall within the competence of the Council..

The Board of Directors consists of the Director, the Academic Secretary and her deputy and the Administrative Secretary.

Dr Maria Dolores Mazuecos

Chairman of the Board of the Institute

Council of the Institute

The management bodies of the Institute are the Institute Council and the Board of Directors or Management Committee.

The Board of the Institute appoints the members of the Management Committee and the leading academic and scientific staff and decides on the strategies of the ISSI.

Nicole Muyulu


Florence Lukadi

Academic Secretary

Candelas Varela

Administrative Secretary

Olga Táuler

Assistant Academic Secretary

Section Committee

The Section is a teaching, research and production unit. It has an advisory role. Its body is the Section Council. Its members are appointed by the Council of the Institute after approval by the Management Committee.