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The Cellule pour la Promotion des Pratiques d'HYgiène (CEPPHY) was created in March 2008, within the ISSI (Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières), to promote good hospital and community hygiene practices in the DRC, in order to strengthen the capacities of health professionals for the prevention and reduction of nosocomial infections, in an evidence-based scientific approach and a pedagogical, skills-based approach.

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The ISSI is currently conducting several studies in the field of pedagogy, nursing and medical sciences. Among the ongoing studies are the following:

- Interprofessional collaboration between clinical nurses and academics: "The challenge of accompanying trainees in a competency-based training programme at the ISSI-RD Congo". Study conducted by Ms Marie José Lumu (ISSI) at CHMonkole.

- The implementation of a midwifery retraining programme is a specialised degree programme that responds to the current and future reproductive health needs of the DRC population. It will enable the professional nurse-midwife and the perinatal and reproductive health nurse to convert to the professional midwife profile. It prepares these professionals to meet the challenges of society in terms of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, in accordance with the national strategy in this field. It enables these professionals to integrate into the multidisciplinary team working in the field of reproductive health, regardless of the practice setting (urban or rural) and the host institution (public or private, hospital or community, etc.).