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The educational project of the Higher Institute of Nursing Sciences "ISSI" is inspired by a global vision of man with his human and spiritual dimensions. The role of nurses and midwives is to help individuals and groups to live to the best of their abilities, according to their state of health and their living conditions. The care and training they provide is aimed at maintaining, promoting and protecting health, caring for the sick and accompanying the dying.

Since 2012, the ISSI has entered the LMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) education system and a competence-based approach programme. Personalised follow-up is possible thanks to the limited number of students (50 students per class).

First Cycle

The undergraduate programme (bachelor's degree: 4 years), aims to train nurses and midwives to be versatile and able to respond to the health needs of an individual or a population by providing humanised care in the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. It provides for alternating theoretical training, training in practical laboratories and clinical experience in specific training fields.

Master in Health Administration
and Programmes

The second cycle course (Master: 2 years) is aimed at higher education trainers, practice supervisors and nursing and midwifery executives with a higher education diploma and solid experience. It provides them with the necessary reflections and tools to develop competence-based training programmes as well as the clinical programmes required by the care services in their practice setting.

Continuous Education

In line with its mission to promote the improvement of the quality of health care, the ISSI organises Diplomas in Resuscitation, Hospital Hygiene, Neonatology, Palliative Care, courses, conferences, thematic conferences, etc., according to the demand of the Health Institutions, for the updating of health care personnel.