• They call us "5 star" nurses. At ISSI, I appreciated the training course given by the teachers; it allows for exchanges to better assimilate the theoretical courses.
    Mme Yayi MUSUBE
    Infirmière Ministère de la Santé lutte contre l'ébola
  • At ISSI I learned the taste for excellence, and to have a humanistic approach when treating patients. The nursing profession has become my passion.
    Chantal Mangbau
    Nurse Manager at Medicus Mundi
  • packline
    The training at ISSI has enabled me to be a multi-skilled nurse and this has allowed me to adapt to different positions in my work.
    Pack-Line TSHALA
    Nurse at Médecins de nuit
  • I am proud of my training at ISSI. Skills such as professionalism, rigour, humanism, leadership... have marked me, and mark my daily work.
    Virginie SEKELE
    Nurse / CFAO